A non-profit organization with the mission to provide youth boys in the greater Derry area an opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of lacrosse.

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General Information

  • DYLA operates in accordance with the DYLA bylawsNHYLA's rules, and US Lacrosse's code of conduct. In addition, all DYLA members must comply with our anti-bullying policy.
  • Our winter indoor program runs on Sundays starting Jan/Feb at the SportsZone. We will post the times for all levels on this web site.
  • We use the player's grade to place children on the appropriate team. For more details, see the grade-based teams info below.
  • Costs - see the Registration page for program costs and the Equipment page for details on what equipment is required.
  • Players in grades pre-K and K have an in-house 6U program (no traveling). This program will not need to purchase shorts, make jersey deposits, or participate in the fundraiser.
  • The spring season will start in March and ends in June.
  • Spring players are required to have a US lacrosse membership throughout the season (cost $30 - paid to US Lacrosse). US Lacrosse membership provides the protection of a comprehensive lacrosse insurance program for a full year. Learn more about the benefits of membership at www.uslalacrosse.org.
  • 10U, 12U & 14U divisions will participate in evaluations if there are enough players for more than one team. The Board reserves the right to wait list registrants based on total numbers per play level.
  • In the case of a waiting list, assignments to a team will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • League scheduled games are on Sundays and occasionally on Saturdays. Some travel is required.
  • Some coaches may try to arrange scrimmages. 
  • Practices will be held on Sundays indoors until the town clears the fields at Humphrey for outdoor use. Then, practices will be held 2–3 times a week at Humphrey, per the coach's discretion. 
  • Jerseys will be distributed prior to the first scheduled game; this requires a refundable security deposit. 
  • All spring players are required to purchase DYLA shorts to be worn during games.
  • All spring players will be required to participate in our fundraiser (max 2 players per family).
  • Refunds for the spring season will be considered if requested by March 15.
  • For information on Derry GIRLS lacrosse, go to the Derry Girls Lacrosse Club site.


‚Äč"Derry Youth Lacrosse is open to boys who live in Derry OR live in a town that has Pinkerton Academy as their high school AND does not already have an established NHYLA  boys lacrosse program. For example Chester, Auburn, and Candia."


Grade-based teams clarification

On Dec. 17, 2015, NHYLA voted to move to a grade-based system (instead of the age-based system) to divide youth players. This change is state-wide so all teams we compete against will be using the same guidelines. 

With grade-based teams, the player's grade is used first to determine the age bracket:

Grades Age Bracket
Grades 7 and 8 14U
Grades 5 and 6 12U
Grades 3 and 4 10U
Grades 1 and 2 8U
Pre-k and K 6U

Age is factored after grade to ensure the player does not exceed the maximum age for his division (for example, a child who is old for his grade). Here are a couple of examples that will hopefully alleviate any confusion about this change:

Example: Player turned 13 in Dec. and is in 7th grade.

  • Grade is factored first. 7th grade plays 14U. 
  • Age is factored second. Is the player is 14 years or younger by Aug 31st - max age for 14U? (Yes)

Answer - Since the player is in 7th grade and doesn't exceed the maximum age for the 7th & 8th grade team, he will play 14U.

Example - Player turned 13 at start of August and is in 6th grade.

  • Grade is factored first. 6th grade plays 12U. 
  • Age is factored second. Is the player is 12 yrs or younger by Aug 31st (12U)? (No)

Answer - Since the player is over 13 by Aug. 31, he's too old to play 12U per the maximum age guidelines. Since the player is  age-eligible for 14U (14 years or younger by Aug. 31), he can play 14U; however, a waiver approved by the VP will be required for him to play 14U (the VP will take into account the player's mental and physical ability in making decision).

Note: In certain situations, players are allowed to "play up;" however, per the rules, players are never allowed to "play down" a level.